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Paolo Patri

General manager


Team Management

Claes Andersson, PhD

Research Director
Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Andersson has been employed at Zymenex A/S since 1999, previously as Manager of Biochemistry. Dr. Andersson heads up the Research Team at Lidingö and has been responsible for the development of up- and down stream processes, analytical methods, including scale-up, and transfers to CMO's and CRO's of the company's projects. He has also contributed to the identification of new potential projects. Prior to joining Zymenex, Dr Andersson has held positions as scientist, Project Manager and group- and section Manager at Pharmacia & Upjohn, Sweden, where he was responsible for the development of new analytical methods for some of P&U's recombinant protein projects and also for building up the company's proteomics platform.

Dr. Andersson holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry from Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute, Sweden and is the author of several patents and publications within the field of recombinant proteins.

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