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Zymenex is engaged in the research and development of innovative therapeutics for life threatening diseases.

Zymenex is a Scandinavian biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel enzyme replacement therapies for the treatment of life-threatening, rare genetic diseases.

Zymenex is developing several human recombinant enzymes that can be used for therapy within specific disease areas. The products are expected to be able to help patients, who today have serious handicaps, reduced quality of life and a markedly reduced life expectancy. Enzyme replacement therapy is a well-known treatment method and there are a number of products on the market today that validates the company concept.

The company’s Research and Development focuses on Lysosomal Storage Diseases, which is a common name for human diseases, where the ability of the human body to break down specific molecules in the lysosomes in the cells is reduced or impaired. The diseases most often affect children, they are lethal and there is no therapy available today.

Companies like Genzyme, Shire and Biomarin have developed a number of similar enzyme replacement therapies for some of the other Lysosomal Storage Diseases. These diseases fall in the category of Orphan Drugs, affect small patient populations, are life threatening and require chronic life-long treatment. Several products like CerezymeTM for Gaucher disease (total estimated patient population 6000), FabrazymeTM and ReplagalTM for Fabry disease (total estimated patient population 5000) and AldurazymeTM for MPS-1 (total estimated patient population 3000) are already on the market, and a number of additional products are in the pipelines of the companies.

The authorities actively encourage the development of new pharmaceutical products to treat rare diseases under the Orphan Drug acts. All of Zymenex activities are today focused within the orphan area where development and marketing are expected to be faster and less resource demanding than for ordinary pharmaceuticals. Furthermore there are no known competitors on the market today for Zymenex’ products.

Zymenex was established in 1998. The organization has broad experience from positions in other pharmaceutical companies and competencies spanning from research and development to production and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The company has built its portfolio of product candidates and manages the development process based on own competencies, supplemented by outsourcing.

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