The initial goal is to develop a successive number of enzyme replacement therapies for diseases, which may have an Orphan Drug potential.

During the development phases, Zymenex has outsourced R&D tasks to subcontractors where feasible. This has allowed the company to shorten development times, limit costs and seek out the best contract expertise worldwide.

All project contract collaborations are strictly managed and controlled by Zymenex using in-house know-how in project management and pharmaceutical development.

In order to conduct the clinical trials for the company’s enzyme products, Zymenex has established at GCP clinical trials unit within the company, using CRO assistance where necessary.

During the development of projects close contact is established with international regulatory bodies in order to secure a short and sufficient development of projects to the market.

The company has consolidated in-house expertise within Operations and Quality to efficiently manage the continued pharmaceutical production for clinical trials and launch. This will allow the company to keep its focus and to reach the market faster.

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